Food and Nutritional Tools

Development of Food and Nutrition tools:

  • Food Composition Data Management (FCDM) tool – an online food data base management software harmonized to CEN Food Data Standard and EuroFIR guidelines; This web application is used for development of Serbian/Regional FCDB and can be applied for creation of new FCDB.
  • Balkan Food Platform – developed during EuroFIR-Nexus project, consist of tools, members and it’s activities on capacity development in food and nutrition research specific for the region of West Balkan and CEE countries. It promotes transfer and harmonization of knowledge and standards with EU countries by intensive collaboration in research, training and education.
  • NutriRecQest-EURRECA database on current micronutrient recommendations as web-based tool with online access of the micronutrient recommendations from 37 European countries/organizations and eight key non-European countries/regions comprising for 20 micronutrients.
  • EuroFIR FoodBasket (EuroFIR) is a user-friendly, multi-lingual interface for recipe calculation with nutrient values and can select any food composition data (FCD) from the EuroFIR data platform. FoodBasket has been developed as an online web tool to support nutritionists and dieticians in order to provide recipe calculations and menu planning based on >54,000 food items harmonized according to EuroFIR standards from over 28 European and non European countries.
  • “DIET ASSESS&PLAN” software, developed as comprehensive tool for food consumption collection, dietary intake assessment and nutrition planning designed according to the EuroFIR and EFSA standards was evaluated in EFSA project 2014.; Tool allows inputs from standard food consumption questionnaires such as 24HDR, FFQ, Food Records and FPQ and enable comprehensive diet evaluation on individual and group level. Additional features of this tool are dietary planning, foods design/reformulation, food labeling.
  • Food Atlas – Food quantification is an important factor for the accuracy of food consumption surveys. CAPNUTRA team has developed and validated the Food atlas of the most frequently consumed foods and dishes in the Balkan region with the aim at improving precision of portion size estimation in food consumption surveys.  A list of 146 foods, dishes and utensils was carefully created based on previously conducted food consumption surveys in the region. The scientific publication that summarizes all details related to the development and validation of this tool can be accessed here. Considering the importance of this tool for the nutrition research community, CAPNUTRA grants a free access to the integral version of Food atlas (in Serbian) which can be downloaded here.